About us

We offer a wide range of parabolic springs which are manufactured to the highest industry standard, we have been supplying parabolic springs to commercial and transport companies for over 50 years.

We also specialize in the manufacturing of leaf springs which we supply and fit to all vehicles as required. A large minority of our leaf springs are used by transport companies, commercial delivery outfits, axle manufacturers and transport maintenance companies. We have the facilities to produce multiple units or one of orders as required, we provide all leaf springs to our clients exact requirements.

Mancunian Springs also supply coil springs, agricultural springs and all springs for classic and vintage vehicles, we are fully confident that whatever it you need for your vehicle suspension system that we can provide it.

We are a non stop shop for all your vehicle suspension system repairs, replacements or upgrades. Our comprehensive, fully guaranteed service continues to lead the way for customers located in the North West.


What Our Customers Say?

Here are just a few of the kind words our customers have left us

Great service and they do a fantastic job. My experience with this suspension repair service was positive. I would highly recommend them.

John D

Great service and they do fantastic job. My experience with them was positive. I would highly recommend them.

Teresa S

These guys are not only friendly and knowledgeable but go out of their way to ensure you understand both the issue and what needed to be done to fix. The prices are very pocket friendly. Recommended!

Grace D

I received what feels like a new Jeep, honestly it runs great. Work was quick, and great in letting me know all the things the Jeep needed and quoted me fairly. Good people, good servicing, no complaints. I will be back.

Steven T